Prices and Packages

Full Package offer: £1,100

In order to provide an easy all-inclusive package, we are able to provide full training and support for both PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 examinations. The PLAB 2 examination is a 2-week residential course held at the Apollo-Buckingham Health Campus in Crewe, U.K. All materials and work books will be provided for support and preparation for the PLAB 2 examination.

The package also includes the residential costs of staying on campus for the 2-week course. We will provide free transport from Manchester Airport to the site campus, as well as transport to and from the PLAB 2 assessment centre in Manchester.

In addition, once you are in full time employment, all candidates can attend a free course focused on applying for post graduate speciality training in General Practice, Emergency medicine, Core medical training or Core training for Surgery.

Additional accommodation required beyond the 2-week residential course can be provided at £25/night at the Crewe Apollo-Buckingham Health Science campus.


Full Package offer: £1,100 - including 2 Weeks full campus accommodation in the UK

We offer an easy, all inclusive package. The course is delivered by experienced PLAB examiners, helping you to pass first time, and supporting you to get employment in the UK.

The package also includes the residential costs of staying on our state of the art Medical Science campus for the 2-week course.