PLAB 1 Examination

PLAB 1 (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) is a written exam compiled of 180 questions lasting 3 hours. It is a ‘best answer’ examination where candidates must choose the most appropriate answer from 5 possible answers given.

This exam covers typical scenarios that may be encountered by a Foundation year 2 level Doctor (equivalent to a 2nd year post graduate Doctor). The aim of this exam is to ascertain whether you can apply the knowledge that you have gained through your undergraduate medical training.

The questions will cover all aspects of medicine, including presentation, interpreting examination findings, pathology of disease, investigations and clinical management. It is very possible that the guidelines and protocols in the UK are different to those that you are used to. It is important to recognise this fact and practice questions based on current UK guidelines.

As part of our full training package, we will provide you with 4 months of unlimited access to a question bank of 3000 focused questions to help you fully prepare and pass this examination at your first attempt.

The PLAB 1 examination is held 4 times a year within the United Kingdom (London) and in a number of overseas locations. The overseas closing dates for registering for the examination is earlier than for candidates sitting the examination within the U.K.

Rest assured, the WH Medical team is here to help guide you every step of the way and your tutors are available via e-mail for any advice you may need. We firmly believe that all of our candidates will be more than able to pass PLAB 1 and move on to the next challenge, which is PLAB 2.