The UK needs doctors and health care professionals now.

Do you want to work in one of the best health care systems in the world?

Do you want to be trained by experienced examiners including a former PLAB 2 examiner?

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14 days on site residential accommodation included in the course cost.

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Pass the PLAB 1 Examination

Our online resources will give you the best chance of passing the exam.


Pass PLAB 2 First Time

On our residential course, you will learn from experienced ex-PLAB 2 examiners, uniquely qualified to help you pass PLAB 2.


Course Schedule

Our schedule is designed to help you maximise your learning potential and tie in with the PLAB exam dates.


Available Dates

There are a limited number of remaining exam dates available in 2020, so get in touch to book your place now.


Gaining Employment in the UK

Upon successful completion of PLAB 1&2, our experienced placement team will support you to get a job as a doctor in the UK.

Pass PLAB first time with WH Medical

  • Do you want to work as a doctor in one of the best health care systems in the world?

  • Do you want to be trained by experienced ex-PLAB 2 examiners, uniquely qualified to help you pass PLAB 2?

  • Do you want support in securing employment as a doctor in the UK?

  • Do you want to spend 2 weeks studying at a dedicated UK Health Science Campus?

Doctors intending to practise medicine in the UK must obtain a licence to practice issued by the General Medical Council (GMC). The GMC uses the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test – the second part of which (PLAB 2) must be taken in the UK – to ensure that international doctors have the basic communication and medical competence skills to practise in the UK.

WH Medical, in association with Apollo Buckingham Health Science Campus, is proud to present a full PLAB preparation package to support your application for a licence to practice within the United Kingdom. Our comprehensive course will help you sit both parts of this exam confidently, to help ensure that you pass each exam first time.

The knowledge you gain will be invaluable in your practice once you start working in the UK and we will help place you within full time NHS employment as a doctor.


Full Package offer: £1,100 - including 2 Weeks full campus accommodation in the UK

We offer an easy, all inclusive package. The course is delivered by experienced PLAB examiners, helping you to pass first time, and supporting you to get employment in the UK.

The package also includes the residential costs of staying on our state of the art Medical Science campus for the 2-week course.


Get in Touch

WH Medical provides revision courses specific to the competencies required to pass the PLAB 2 course for doctors who wish to practise medicine in the UK.


Registering as a Doctor

To practise medicine in the UK, doctors must hold the appropriate registration for the type of work they plan to undertake, and have a licence to practice.


Prices and Packages

We offer a full package for doctors who want to maximise their chances of passing the PLAB exams first time. We will also help place you in full time NHS employment within the UK.



Our specialist staff and facilities support doctors in achieving the skills necessary to reach the required competency across all assessed domain areas in clinical scenarios.



Our campus provides a safe, supportive learning and living space. Onsite catering, security and recreation means our PLAB students can focus solely what is important to them, studying.


A unique opportunity…

Our unique course will not only enhance your chances of success in the exam but it will also set you up for a fulfilling career in the NHS, in a cost-effective manner.

Here are some ways in which we aim to help you:

Once enrolled on the course, we will work with you from the very beginning to ensure you are fully prepared for the PLAB exams. We will provide access to a data bank of 3000 online questions to help you fully prepare for PLAB 1.

Once you arrive in the United Kingdom we will collect you from nearby Manchester Airport, ready to commence a 2-week residential PLAB 2 preparation course at our luxury, modern and purpose-built University campus in Crewe, UK.

For those of you who wish to stay longer – before or after the course – we can arrange accommodation on the same preferential rates. Note that the Crewe Campus is very close to the train station with regular trains to London and Manchester.

Each candidate will be given personal advice and mentoring from our experienced, friendly and highly qualified tutors. Our tutors are all practising UK-trained doctors and have all served as examiners in a range of formal examinations, including a former PLAB 2 examiner.

We believe in always striving for  excellence. By joining our course we will ensure that each candidate reaches their full potential, ready to start on their journey of working within one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

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